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Welcome to our website for the churches in the North Westmorland group of Churches.  The links above are for the whole group of Churches.  Please click on the appropriate image below to load the home page for each church.  Please note that this is the only official website for this group of churches.

Worship in our Churches

Please note that the government restrictions on social gatherings does not apply to Church services, which will continue as usual.

We now have a schedule of services up to the end of October.  You can view the services here.  Please note that these are subject to changes in government guidance and any local effects of Covid.

A few pointers for those attending:

      • You will be asked to give your name on entering Church, for test and trace purposes. You will also be asked to sanitise as you enter and leave the building.
      • There will be no congregational singing.
      • There are no children’s activities and we are unable to use Church toys, but children are welcome, under parental supervision and you are welcome to bring your own toys/books etc to keep them amused.
      • Wearing a face mask is now mandatory.
      • Social distancing will be in place, though you are welcome to sit in your family groups/bubbles.
      • Please do not attend if you, or anyone in your family has experienced Covid-19 symptoms in the past 10 days.

People who are at extra risk and the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should be advised that there is an increased risk of attending public worship, but the decision to attend is yours.  We will ensure that the ’normal’ risks of infection are mitigated as far as possible within government guidelines.

A full statement of our Health & Safety procedures, along with copies of our Risk Assessment and our Test & Trace Data Proction policy can be viewed on our Health & Safety pages.

Exciting News about our YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel was launched at the start of lockdown and we have been greatly encouraged by the numbers of people watching.  As we return to live Church services, we believe it is time to refresh the content of our channel.

We will continue to provide online worship, which we hope will eventually be live-streamed from our church services, but in the meantime will appear in a simpler format, but the main content of our channel will begin to change over the coming weeks and months to include a greater variety of material that we hope will be of lasting value.  We are planning to include:

  • Reflections for home/study groups
  • Teaching material on various aspects of the faith, of interest to Christians and inquirers
  • Spiritual resources on prayer, as well as encountering God through music or art
  • Material for children that can be used at home, in Sunday Schools or school assemblies
  • Conversations and talks with local Christians about living the Christian life beyond Sundays

It will take time to develop these fully, but we are very excited about bringing them to you, so please stay tuned and keep subscribing.  If there is material you would like to see on the channel, please let us know.

Our last fully formatted Sunday service will be Sunday 13 September.  Thereafter will we will release one act of worship per week to cover both Sunday and midweek worship.  This will be in simpler format until we are in a position to live-stream.

In the meantime, we are enormously grateful to everyone who has contributed to our services during lockdown with photographs, music, prayers, readings and reflections.  It has been amazing and your creativity will, we hope, continue to inspire us as we move into our new format.

Our latest YouTube Service can be viewed here

You can watch the services here, on our website, or on our YouTube Channel.  Subtitles can be enabled on your device.
You can also follow the service on the telephone by ringing 017683 89324.  Please pass on this information to anyone who doesn’t have access to YouTube.

Annual Meetings

Our Annual Parochial Church Meetings are taking place in October to elect Churchwardens, PCCs and Deanery Synod reps, as well as to receive and scrutinise our annual reports from 2019.  Please do attend if you can.  The usual Covid precautions will apply, including social distancing, sanitising and wearing of face masks.

The meetings for our parishes are as follows:

Clifton: 13 October, 7.00pm in Church

Thrimby: 14 October, 2.00pm in Church

Askham: 14 October, 2.00pm in Church

Bolton: 19 October, 7.00pm in Church

Cliburn: 20 October, 7.30pm in Church

Crosby Ravensworth: 21 October, 7.00pm in the Upper Room, Village Hall

Morland: 22 October, 7.30pm in the Village Hall (main room)

Celebrating the First Decade

Below is a personal message from The Revd Stewart Fyfe on the 10th anniversary of his installation in our parishes.

All Saints Bolton
St Peter – Askham All Saints – Bolton St Ninian – Brougham St Wilfrid – Brougham
St Cuthbert Cliburn
St Lawrence Crosby Ravensworth
St Barnabas Great Strickland
St Cuthbert – Cliburn St Cuthbert – Clifton St Lawrence –
Crosby Ravensworth
St Barnabas –
Great Strickland
St Lawrence Morland
St Mary Thrimby
St Michael – Lowther St Lawrence – Morland St Mary –

Other News

Our Churches are available for small-scale funerals attended by up to 30 close family members only. For people unable to attend, we are happy to allow you to video the service.  Please do contact us if you would like to explore this.

Our Churches are available for small-scale funerals attended by up to 30 guests.  No singing is possible at the moment. For people unable to attend, we are happy to allow you to video the service.  Please do contact us if you would like to explore this.

Christenings (Baptisms)
Small-scale Christenings in Church are now possible.  Christenings may be possible within our regular services, subject to the capacity of the Church.  Otherwise, they are limited to 30 attendees.  Singing of hymns is not currently possible.  Social distancing must be maintained at all times.  For people unable to attend, we are happy to allow you to video the service.  Please do contact us if you would like to explore this.
Pastoral Care
We encourage people to be in touch with us, particularly if you are anxious. We are continuing to provide pastoral care, but by telephone and electronic communication instead of face-to-face.  That means that we will not be offering home communion or home visits.  If you would like someone to talk to, or to pray with you, or to offer spiritual guidance, please contact one of the ministry team.
Keeping in touch
We are trying to keep in touch with regular news updates by e-mail.  If you have not already subscribed to our e-news circulation list, please do so by clinking the “keeping in touch” link.  There is also a Heart of Westmorland Mission Community Facebook Page with regular information posted on it, as well as updates on our YouTube channel.
Our prayers are with you all.
Stewart Fyfe

Promoting a Safer Church

We are committed to ensuring that this is a safe place for everyone and the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults is an absolute priority in the North Westmorland Churches. Safeguarding is God’s love in action and we work hard to make our churches safe and secure places where abuse and mistreatment of others will not be tolerated. We abide by the Carlisle Diocese Safeguarding Policy.

Our Safeguarding Co-ordinator, responsible for all the North Westmorland Churches is Sarah Banks.  Tel: ‭01931 712801‬, email: safeguarding@northwestmorlandchurches.org.uk.

For more information and details of who to contact if you are concerned that someone you know may be suffering harm please visit our Safeguarding page.

Contact us
General enquiries can be sent to info2019@northwestmorlandchurches.org.uk or you can have a look at the Ministry Team page or the People page to find the best person to contact.

Do you want a Marriage, Christening or Funeral in Church?

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