Daily Prayers

Morning and Evening Prayer
From earliest times, Christians gathered at regular hours during each day and night to respond to God’s word with praise on behalf of creation and with intercession for the salvation of the world. By the fourth century, if not earlier, morning and evening had emerged as the pre-eminent hours for the offering of this sacrifice of praise.

The services of Morning and Evening Prayer help Christians of our own day take part in this privilege and duty which belongs to all God’s people. They may be celebrated in a very simple form, or enriched with a variety of optional chants and prayers.

Night Prayer (Compline)
The ancient office of Compline derives its name from a Latin word meaning ‘completion’ (completorium). It is above all a service of quietness before the rest at the end of the day.

The Common Worship form of the services for Morning, Evening and Night Prayer are offered here:

  • A modern service from Common Worship: Daily Prayer
  • The Book of Common Prayer forms of these services may be found by using the above link and then do an advanced search.

Printer friendly versions of these services can be found here on the Church of England website.  The services of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer for today, yesterday and the next four weeks are available via this link to help you find time for God during your day. Church House Publishing produce a free Daily Prayer app to make it even easier to access Daily Prayer wherever you are.

A more detailed introduction to Morning and Evening Prayer is also available.

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