Rogation Walk

This is a traditional walk, asking God’s blessing on our crops.  There will be a walk for all the parishes on May 6th, meeting at King’s Meaburn Village Hall at 2.00 pm.  There will be scope for a longer or a shorter walk, and we will end with a cup of tea at the Village Hall.  Please e-mail David Jones know if you plan to join us.

St Lawrence Morland Major Renovation

As you may know, a committed group has been working for some time on a major renovation for St Lawrence, Morland. We are now in a position to show you what is being planned and to invite your participation.
The community consultation will take place in the Supper Room at Morland Village Hall on Saturday 28th April from 2.00 – 7.30pm. All welcome.

Sausage Sizzle

7.30 pm on that same day, Saturday, April 28th, in the Village Hall.  Sausage and Mash supper and delicious puddings (vegetarian and gluten-free options available).  Entertainment by the Crown Inn Singers, no less!
Tickets £8 from Patti Dawson (01931 714614) or Jean Scott (01931 714640).
Bring your own drink and glasses.

22nd Taste of Morland

A weekend of fun, sacred and secular music and outdoor activities for youngsters aged 6-12.  May 19-20 2018.  Full details here.

Morland Church ‘St Lawrence’ Emergency Fund

St Lawrence, Morland Emergency Fund continues to look out for needs near and far.
Contributions to keep the fund topped up are always welcome, and can be given to the Treasurer, Jenny Jones.

Morland Church is dedicated to St Lawrence, a Deacon of the Early Church, who was dedicated to caring for the poor and needy.  He was killed for his refusal to hand over money collected for the need to the Roman authorities.  When asked to hand over the church’s treasure, he rounded up those in his care and said “here is the treasure of the Church.”  Our fund, in his memory, seeks to use our wealth to serve those in need, who are precious in God’s sight.






To see some photographs of the 2008 Holy Week services, please follow this link to Eden Online by Mike Billing, our local photographer.