Filling Station

The Filling Station is a monthly ecumenical meeting where we can ‘fill up’ on God’s word and return to our churches better equipped to serve.

Meetings are currently on Zoom.  For details, please e-mail the Rector

Morland Church ‘St Lawrence’ Emergency Fund

St Lawrence, Morland Emergency Fund continues to look out for needs near and far.
Contributions to keep the fund topped up are always welcome, and can be given to the Treasurer, Jenny Jones.

Morland Church is dedicated to St Lawrence, a Deacon of the Early Church, who was dedicated to caring for the poor and needy.  He was killed for his refusal to hand over money collected for the need to the Roman authorities.  When asked to hand over the church’s treasure, he rounded up those in his care and said “here is the treasure of the Church.”  Our fund, in his memory, seeks to use our wealth to serve those in need, who are precious in God’s sight.

Click to access 2021-Morland-Poster-Safari-Fete.pdf

Crosby Ravensworth Open Gardens on Sunday, July 18th.

Another annual event taking place in a slightly changed formula in order to be Covid-safe. Tickets and map will be on sale from midday at the church, and open-air servery for teas from 3-5, also at the church. More details nearer the time.

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