Find us

Here is the post code and what3words reference (follow this link to find out about this) for each of our churches to help you find them via SatNav.
(Warning – the post code will not always take you to the precise location of the church)

St Peter, Askham  –  CA10 2PF lock.indicates.because
All Saints, Bolton  –  CA16 6AUremovers.feels.reader
St Ninian (Ninekirks), Brougham – ? – mildest.springing.flames
St Wilfrid, Brougham  –  CA10 2DEduke.inform.folks
St Cuthbert, Cliburn  –  CA10 3ALtorched.shrub.prelude
St Cuthbert, Clifton  –  CA10 2EAwished.decking.divisible
St Lawrence, Crosby Ravensworth  –  CA10 3HYearpiece.smarter.irrigate
St Barnabas, Great Strickland  –  CA10 3DRbolts.tests.impresses
St Michael, Lowther  –  CA10 2PFcase.highly.cadet
St Lawrence, Morland  –  CA10 3AXfail.invaluables.ecologist
St Mary, Thrimby  –  CA10 3EG  –  chapels.wreck.turned – NB – church is in Little Strickland, not Thrimby!!

Please note that our experience is that satnavs are not reliable in the area, it is better to use paper maps, especially as mobile phone signals (that depend on the providers) are generally weak to non-existent.
The what3words reference can be used via a free app and gives a link to each 3 metre square in the world and its can be used offline.