Dan & Kristy Pattimore (Deanery Pioneer Ministers)


Dan and Kristy are Pioneer ministers in our Area.  Sadly, they don’t wear pith helmets or drive chuck wagons across the prairies dodging Red Indians.  Instead, their job is to take the Gospel into new areas in our community.

Much as we love church and as good as our reach is in our communities through our seasonal festivals, occasional services, weddings, funerals, Christenings etc, there are many people in our communities who would never consider coming to church and who rarely get the opportunity to hear about the Christian faith from actual Christians.

Pioneering ministry is designed to reach those people and communicate the Gospel to them divested of the cultural overtones of church and history, letting them hear Jesus speak in simple, direct ways that are relevant to their lives and giving them a chance to respond to his love and his challenge.

When people to respond to the Gospel, they invariably get together to learn more, worship together and put their faith into practice.  That community is church, even if it looks and feels very different from traditional forms of church.

Dan and Kristy are involved in a number of initiatives including:

  • Messy Church
  • Family Church
  • Men’s brewing club
  • A.T.O.M.

And many others…

Please feel free to join in – maybe even do some Christian pioneering yourself.

They can be contacted at The Rectory, Kirkby Thore, Penrith CA10 1UR

07480 935119

kristy@pattimore.com or dan@pattimore.com