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Services in North Westmorland parishes over November and December 2022

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We are one of the few groups in the area to have a service in one of the churches on each night of Holy Week.

Midweek Holy Communion is celebrated in Morland Church on Wednesdays at 10.00 am.
This is a quiet, said service and an uplifting and refreshing break from daily duties.

Morning Prayer is said every Tuesday morning at 9.15 a.m. in Morland Church

Come and join us!

Wholeness and Healing Services

The Church states, ‘ Healing, reconciliation and restoration are integral to the good news of Jesus Christ…. God’s gracious activity of healing is to be seen both as part of the proclaiming of the good news and as an outworking of the presence of the Spirit in the life of the Church.’

Have you seen those dramatic televised services and been put off the idea of a healing service? I have. However, during my training as a Reader, I learned more about current practice in the Church of England and experienced two very different styles of worship based on an understanding of wholeness and healing. As a result, I hope to introduce a service based around the church’s pastoral service pattern. A first trial of such a service will take place at 11am on April 6th. Come and join us seeking wholeness and healing in our Christian life.