Getting Married in Church

Sadly weddings in Church are not possible during lockdown, except for emergency weddings. We are still taking bookings for future dates, but obviously this is dependent on the rules in place at the time.  Emergency weddings are possible, but will usually take place at home, for example where one of the couple has a terminal illness.

If you would like to book a wedding, or arrange an emergency wedding, please contact Joyce Keetley on 07741 327318‬ or  Joyce will speak to you in the first instance and discuss your options with you.

What do you need to know?

Connected with the Parish

In order to get married in church, you need to have a connection with the parish, but in most cases, given sufficient notice, we can establish a connection sufficient to allow you to marry here. Please talk to us and we’ll do what we can to help.

We can marry people who’ve been divorced

In most cases we have discretion to marry people in church who have been divorced. If you’ve been divorced and would like to be married in church, please speak to us. We always try to help. In most cases we are able to say yes and it’s also an opportunity to put the past behind you and move on with joy.


There is a set text (known as a liturgy) which we have to say in church in order for you to be legally married. Beyond that there is a great scope for flexibility and creativity surrounding your wedding. Whether you want it completely traditional or something fresh, we will help you and give you practical advice to give you a day to cherish.

Faith and Belief

There is no requirement for you to be baptised, confirmed or indeed for you to ‘sign up’ to any particular set of beliefs in order to be married in church. Obviously God comes as part of the package with us and all we ask is that you’re open to that. If you’re happy to share the journey with us, we’re delighted to share it with you.

What should you do first?

Contact Joyce Keetley on 07741 327318‬ or  Joyce will speak to you in the first instance and discuss your options with you.

We are also able offer:

  • blessings to couples who have been married in a civil ceremony
  • renewal of marriage vows
  • thanksgiving for anniversaries

Find out more

The Church of England’s weddings website is full of useful information and good ideas.
Visit it at:

Please speak to us if we can help in any way.