St Lawrence Morland

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The Church

Our Church of St Lawrence is the Anglican Parish Church for the villages of Morland, Newby, Sleagill and King’s Meaburn.

Risk Assessment

Click on this link to read Morland Risk Assessment_2021_all activites

Morland Church is open for individual prayer

  • The church is open between approximately 9:15 and 15:00 daily (5th November until 4th December)
  • If you feel unwell with potential Covid-19 symptoms please do not enter the church but contact 111 for advice.
  • Social distancing of 2 metres should be followed at all times.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the church and on exit.
  • Please record your visit on the register provided using your own pen or one from the green container. Place the used pen in the red container. (Details of why we ask you to do this is on the register.)
  • Face coverings are mandatory by law when you are in this building. You must bring your own face covering.
  • We have indicated specific seats for individual prayer. As you walk down the aisle you will see them as a green sheet on the cushion. Please sit here. When you leave, please take your green sheet away with you. (This enables us to ensure that the seat and its surroundings is ‘quarantined’ for 72 hours after use so the risk of passing Covid-19 to a subsequent worshipper is minimised.) We would be most grateful if you can comply with this imposition.
  • If you have any problems, please contact John Ellerton at the Hollies, Morland. This is due south from the church door through the private gate next to the passage to Morland square.

We are one of the group of parish churches forming the North Westmorland Group. The other churches currently are:

  • St Peter in Askham
  • All Saints in Bolton
  • St Ninian in Brougham (Ninekirks)
  • St Wilfrid in Brougham
  • St Cuthbert in Cliburn
  • St Cuthbert in Clifton
  • St Lawrence in Crosby Ravensworth
  • St Barnabas in Great Strickland
  • St Michael in Lowther, and
  • St Mary in Thrimby (Little Strickland)

The Reverend Stewart Fyfe is the
Rector of the eight parishes. See the contacts page for details.

David Jones (see contacts) is our Lay Reader and Choirmaster
and Revd Sheila Clark (see contacts) is our Curate.

The two Church Wardens are:

Follow this link to find out about dates and times of services at this church.