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The Parish of Morland lies in the rolling hills on the edge of the Eden Valley and consists of Morland itself, Newby, Sleagill and King’s Meaburn, who all share the Church of St Lawrence in Morland. Morland, Newby also share the village hall in Morland.

Sleagill lies on Sleagill Beck, which flows into Newby Beck, passing through Newby itself. On reaching Morland Beck, the stream passes on through the centre of Morland and thence to join the Lyvennet near Crossrigg Hall.

King’s Meaburn is on a ridge overlooking the River Lyvennet, which itself joins the River Eden near Temple Sowerby.

There are still working farms situated in all four villages, although the communities no longer just depend on agriculture but have other businesses working within them.

The immediate surrounding countryside is mostly farmed for cattle, sheep and cereals.